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Poster: rdenirojb87 Date: Oct 9, 2011 5:18pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JGB w/ Stu Allen & Melvin Seals

“If you saw a recent show (august 7th - present) then you saw Dave Hebert ( not Stu Allen. How was the Brooklyn Bowl? Was anyone taping?”

Never again will I listen to a guy whose been drinking for 7 hours. A guy I was talking to, who mentioned he'd been drinking since 2:00 (it was now 9pm), told me “Stu Allen got like realllllly fat mann. He's like going for the Jerry look I think.” Well I haven't seen Stu in several years, and I took the guy's word it. It did seem plausible at the time because Dave Herbert does resemble Stu in some ways, and it's been some time since I last saw Stu. Even the voices are fairly similar, so I just figured Stu aged a bit.

The Brooklyn Bowl is one of the coolest places to see a show. One thing I like is you must be 21 to enter. This weeds out the annoying HS/college crowd. They're not all bad, but i've seen too many drunk teenagers going to shows mostly for the partying. The Brooklyn Bowl is divided up into a few sections. There's a bowling area, with huge TV screens everywhere. There's a bar with some room to hang out along with the room where you first walk in which is full of places to lounge around and drink. Then there's the stage area, with tables to sit at, as well as plenty of standing room to dance around. The food is very good. They get the food from Blue Ribbon Restaurants, which are a group of very good restaurants in NYC: Also, the Brooklyn Brewery is right around the corner so they have all those beers on tap, as well as an extensive wine and liquor menu. It's really a great place to see a show and I highly highly recommend it to anybody in the NY area. Not to mention they have great shows there all the time with tickets in the $10-$15 dollar range. JGB tickets were $12 with no cover charge and no minimum drink/food order.

As for tapers, I didn't see anybody just recording audio. I saw a few people recording video, as well as lots of photography. I'm hoping some of the show makes its way online.


Moonalice opened the show at 8:00, and played for an hour. I've never seen them and was very impressed. I'm a huge fan of Barry Sless, and this band is a great fit for him. However, Pete Sears impressed me even more. He switched around from bass, to rhythm guitar, to piano, to vocals, and is very efficient at them all. The highlight was a super jammed out version of “Eight Miles High” that went on for probably 10 minutes. They nailed the vocals, which is not easy to do. Then Sless got to show off his chops with a long psychedelic jam, that seemed to morph into an Other One jam at times. This is a great band to see live. They give off such good vibes.

Onto JGB

JGB SET LIST : 10-8-11 :
Saturday at THE BROOKLYN BOWL in Brooklyn, NY
SET 1 : Let's Spend the Night Together>Run for the Roses>That's Alright Mama, Crazy Love>That's What Love Will Make You Do, Mississippi Moon>I Want to Tell You, Lazy Bones, Cats Under the Stars>Masterpiece, Waiting for a Miracle>I'll Be with Thee>Sisters & Brothers>Mighty High
encore : Mission In the Rain>How Sweet It Is

I'm not sure when JGB took the stage but I think it was around 9:45. I won't lie, my memory of the evening got a little hazy at this point, but I will recount as best I can. Below are my favorite moments from the show:

Let's Spend The Night Together : This was an epic way to open the show. Probably most impressive was the vocal harmonies. The backup singers add a lot of texture to the sound. It was one of the longer versions I've heard and seemed to go on for way over 15 minutes. They played this song perfectly, and didn't skimp on the jamming.

Run For The Roses: Simply gorgeous. Dave Herbert really showcased his abilities on this one. Very nice guitar solo. One of my favorite moments of the evening.

That's Alright Mama: Smokin' hot and reminded me of early 80's JGB. Nothing really special here, but it was played quite well and really had the place moving. Always a fun one to see live, and this was no exception.

That's What Love Will Make You Do was THE highlight of the show. See my above post for comments on that one. Melvin has great stage presence, and when he's having fun everybody in the band takes it up a notch.

Mississippi Moon was VERY well done as well. The guitar solo gave me chills. A stunning rendition that I would love to hear again. I really enjoyed Herbert's vocals.

Cats Down Under The Stars: They sounded exactly like the JGB of old on this one. Fairly standard version, but played very tightly. Such cohesive singing. That was one thing that I greatly enjoyed about this band.

When I Paint My Masterpiece: Another one of my favorite moments of the evening. Jimmy Tebeau did the vocals for this one, and his ragged voice is perfectly suited for this song. I just love Jimmy, and was so happy to see him take the lead and show everyone what he's capable of. It was a very nice moment, having the crowd singing in unison with Jimmy. It brought a big smile to his face which is always nice to see. Here's what this version sounded like:
Also check out the TWLWMYD to get an idea of what I heard last night. Last night's version was much better though.

Mission in the Rain: This is probably my favorite JGB song, and Herbert had a very nice extended guitar solo that built up very slowly and gave me chills all over. Herbert's voice is nice as well, and he once again showed that here.

How Sweet It Is: One of the longest versions I can remember hearing. Herbert's solo just kept climbing higher and higher. Each time the lyrics “to be loved by YOU” came around, the 2 backup singers would emphasize the YOU and pick someone from the crowd to point directly at, while winking at them. I was one of the lucky ones to get a wink ;-) I was right up front and also made eye contact with Jimmy at one point who gave me a big smirk.

Overall, it was a fantastic show and the venue really helped add to the enjoyment. My ONLY complaint, is that at times it seemed Herbert was copying some of Jerry's solos note for note. Maybe he's just getting his feel for playing with these guys, or maybe he does it intentionally. I'm not sure, but I'd rather hear what licks he can come up with on his own. I loved the setlist. Definitely not your standard JGB setlist which was a welcomed surprise. Melvin is so much fun, and that rubs right off on the audience. I suggest all of you take the chance to see these guys if they come around.

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Poster: rdenirojb87 Date: Oct 11, 2011 5:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: JGB w/ Stu Allen & Melvin Seals

here's a very good clip of the run from the roses i saw. i really recommend checking this out to see how great dave herbert is.;v=YlPMTpGGj0g

such good times

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